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  • Managing multiple generations in the workplace

  • Leadership, Equipped for anything!

  • It's all about relationships! Team Building & Inter-Networking

  • Understanding Diversity in the workplace

  • GPS - Positioning Yourself for Success 

Women in Transition: Destiny Seekers

Women from all walks of life undergo periods of transition. Some handle it with finesse while others are uncertain of next steps. Our Workshops empower women and provides key tools to usher them through the process of gaining "Clarity for Leadership and Purpose." Blueprint Workshops Include:

  • Your H.O.U.S.E. In Order (Hope, Opportunities,  Uniqueness, Success and expectations on your life)

  • Power Networking, Iron Sharpens Iron

  • Stuck? Letting Go - Moving Forward

  • 20th Century Leadership

  • Woman 3.0 - Becoming the total package (Mind, Body & Spirit)

  • Now is Your Time - Becoming Unstoppable!

  • I am that I am; knowing and being the real authentic You!

Colleges & Universities

College students are our future leaders! We provide powerful workshops on campus to enhance their skill-sets and strategically prepare them to be effective leaders and confident forerunners in global business. Blueprint Workshops Include:​

  • Leadership 

    What is Leadership? 

    Effective Leaders on Campus ; Ready Leaders in the Business World! 

  • Branding

   What is a Brand? What is Your Brand? 

  • Communication & Presentation Skills

   Verbal/Non-Verbal Communication 

   "You are ALWAYS Presenting" 

  • Power Networking

   > What is Networking? How to Network? Benefits?

  • Creating Resumes 

  • Interviewing Skills


Religious Institutions

Provide Leadership and Vision training for Servant Leaders and Churches. "Iron Sharpens Iron" and we design Blueprint Conferences that include:


  • Did you know or did you know? Being Called and Being Chosen

  • Next Level Servanthood

  • Connecting to your Internal GPS System

  • What you see, may not be what you set: Your Vision, God's Plan

  • Fellowship = Relationship

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