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Mechelle McKenney - Get Your House in Or

Get Your H.O.U.S.E. in Order

Getting Your H.O.U.S.E. in Order is about you getting into alignment with God's direction and following HIS order.


Sometimes you can get so busy trying to make your life work your way that you forget to trust God and listen to what God says. The more you try to fix it, the worse it gets. 

So get ready for your Hope, Opportunities, Uniqueness, Success and Expectations to get in order!

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The Unstoppable Warrior Woman:

Inspirational Stories of Women who Overcame the Odds and Chose to Thrive

Unstoppable Warrior Women is a collaboration of 40 women telling their stories of building meaningful lives after sexual abuse, racism, early pregnancies, lots of wrong men, and every other obstacle a woman can face.

Unstoppable Warrior Women inspires women as they read 40 short stories of different women who have struggled with horrendous family issues, race issues, health issues, education issues, and romance issues – only to rise above these obstacles and challenges to make something meaningful of their lives. The honesty in these stories is rare and raw which makes the reader sit up and listen. There has never been a compendium of stories like this – and the powerfully positive messages encourage women of all types and in different situations. It shows honesty is the best policy, as well as facing problems head-on is a recipe for success. Women are more and more in the spotlight now and these stories act as a guide for anyone who is feeling alone, not sure where to go or think they might not have what it takes.

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