Delivering a Blueprint of Clarity & Connection to the Future!

Me'chelle is the Blueprint Leadership Strategist! CEO of 3rd Degree Solutions, her successful career has taken her around the world offering powerful and exciting life changing platform opportunities to speak before thousands. She empowers them with "Blueprint Leadership Strategies" to take on great next steps in their careers and personal lives.


She is a John Maxwell certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer and has mastered the art of strategic leadership and developed a unique series of "Blueprint Leadership" Workshops for College Students, Women in Transition, Entrepreneurs and Religious Leaders & Institutions. 


Engaging audiences with a strategic sense of purpose, humor and a full dose of reality, Me'chelle provides tips, tools and techniques to deliver a "Blueprint of Clarity and Connection to the Future!" You will leave prepared and armed with knowledge that will springboard you into your vision and goals with confidence!



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Getting Your H.O.U.S.E. in Order is about you getting into alignment with God's direction and following HIS order. Sometimes you can get so busy trying to make your life work your way that you forget to trust God and listen to what God says. The more you try to fix it, the worse it gets. 

So get ready for your Hope, Opportunities, Uniqueness, Success and Expectations  to get in order!


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